National Industrial Corporation

Steel Fabricator, Manufacturer & Machinist

Facilities available

1Total Land Area27000 Sq. Feet
2Total Covered Area6000 Sq. Feet.
3Total Man Power Engaged 49
i)Supervisory Staff04
ii)Skilled Workers15
iii)Others10 + A Fabrication Gang of 20 Persons. (Including 3 Nos WPS qualified welders)
iv)Working Capital150.00 Lacs.
4Fabrication Facilities
a)Rolling Facilities
Rolling Machine suitable for Rolling of Pl 12 th x 1600 width.
Rolling Machine suitable for :- Rolling of Pl 28 th. X 375 mm.
b)Bending Facility
Bending Press suitable for 5 th x 2000 lg.
Bending Press Suitable for 12 th x 1500 Lg. (150 M/T)
c)Cutting Facilities
Gas Cutting Set4 Sets.
Automatic Gas Cutting (Pug Machine)3 Set.
d)Welding Facilities
CO2 Welding Machine 400 Amp.4 No.
Welding Transformer4 Sets;(450 Amp. : 3 Sets , 400 Amp. : 1 Set)
e)Handling FacilitiesSuitable for 10 M.T. Single Pc. Wt. (Over head crane)
f)Marking Table3450 mm x 850 mm
g)Fabrication BedThe purpose is achieved with use of Plate 20/25 mm. Size.2000 x 6300 & leveling thereof.
h)Electrode Oven1 No.
5Machining Facilities
Name of the Machine ToolsQtyTechnical Specification
i)Milling (Universal)01Table Size 1295 x 300 mm.
ii)Lathe (Semi –Precision)03Maximum Centre hight 230 mm.
Max. Admit between center 1250 mm.
Lathe01Maximum Centre height 675 mm in Gap.
Maximum Admit between Centre 1250 mm.
iv)R. Drill01Drilling capacity 25 mm.
R. Drill01Drilling capacity 40 mm.
v)Piller Drill01Drilling capacity 40 mm.
vi)Saw01Maximum cutting size 300 mm.
vii)Marking Table01900 mm x 600 mm.
6ElectricityConnection from Jharkhand State Electricity Board : 100 H.P.
Stand by D.G. Set : 75 KVA.
7Allied FacilitiesPortable Hand Drill, Hand Grinder, Pencil Grinder etc, Spray painting.
8Inspection Facilities For dimensional inspection of the items we are having following measuring instruments.
i)Pressi Meters 25 to 400 mm.
ii)Inside Micrometers 25 to 300 mm.
iii)Out side Micrometers up to 400 mm.
iv)Vernier Calipers up to 600 mm.
v)Dial Indicator.
vi)Out side Caliper.
vii)Height Gauge 0 to 600 mm.
viii)Inside Caliper.
ix)Angle Protector.
x)Poldi Hardness Tester.
xi)Right Angle up to 20”.
xii)Marking Block.
xiii)‘V’ Block up to 3”
xiv)Pitch Gauge.
9Facilities available with sister concerns
a)Shearing Machine6 th. x 1300 mm
c)CNC Gas cutting
d)Punching Press200 tonne